Memory Editor

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Memory Editor
WL 10
A helmet for changing people's memories like it's computer files.
Mind Dredge
9 (3d10)
Memory Alteration
9 (3d10
Can upload and download memories with insertable crystals. Must be kept on the target's head during edit process. Removal mid-edit will cancel all changes. Removal mid-download corrupts download. Removal mid-upload is not recommended.
Wealth Level Modifier: WL 0
Core Rules Compatible


A nice little helmet with an interface on the back that lets you edit memories. Also supports importing and exporting memories via crystal storage. Must be kept on the target's head during edit process. Removal mid-edit will cancel all changes. Removal mid-download corrupts download. Removal mid-upload is not recommended. Originally marketed by a company who didn't think this through first as a product to help delete bad memories. It only took a few scandals for them to get shut down, and their product decalred illegal, but legend says there's still some out there. aMaybe even ones still in use.


As long as it's on the subject's head, an operator at the back can manually edit the subject's memories as they see fit, and upload and download memories with storage crystals.


Removal of the helmet Nullifies all effects. If removed while editing or dow loading memories, it cancels out, and for downloading, GM can choose if the crystal used can be reused or if it is too corrupted. For removal during upload, the effects could range from simply cancelling the effect, to a partial effect, such as half of the changes going through and half failing, or even stranger effects like a domino effect where the subject's memories get increasingly corrupted from trying to incorporate the corrupted memory, leading to contradictory and illogical thoughts and memories, memory loss, confusing some memories for others, and or new memories becoming corrupted quickly, possibly even short-term memories if severe enough, such as seeing guards walk past and instantly believing they were zombies walking the other way the moment they leave line of sight.

Wealth Level Calculation

Put the wealth level of the item and its calculation here in bullet points. WL 10

  • +5 - Mind Dredge 9
  • +5 - Memory Alteration 9


This item is mainly used as a precision memory editor, although it can also work as a memory back up device, but this is uncommon.

Flavor Suggestions & Settings

  • For a Sci-Fi tyoe setting, it can simply be a high tech helmet, worn from age. One way to introdue it could be to have the players catch someone using it, especially as a reason for someone they found in some alley or otherwise seedy place to suddenly run or attack, and even moreso if the players are or appear to be officers.
  • For more of a fantasy feel, perhaps the helm levitates the crystal in use, if any, above the subject, and you must tell the subject the falsehoods rather than using a tech terminal, making it slightlt more akin to traditional mind control. Memory viewing can be via using the crystal as a projector of sorts.

GM Concerns

Any concerns you would have with players being able to Mind Dredge and Memory Alteration anyone they can keep in place long enough applies here, too.

Notes of Interest

For where to get crystals, perhaps they could be sold as intended for use with other products, allowing for players to get some. Or, you can have the item come with one or more.


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