What is Open Legend

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"Open Legend is a streamlined system designed to let you tell big stories using small rules. The rules get complex when they need to, but never cumbersome, and wherever they could be cut out or simplified, they have been." - from Open Legend RPG's Website

Open-source (FREE) Role-Playing Game for any genre. Create heroes other systems said you couldn't. Exploding dice drive epic stories. Free form storytelling with strategic fun!

The full rules are available on the website for free, you can start reading them right here. At first, Open Legend seems very simple, but the deeper you go, the more you can find this system can do. You might have 2 players that could, though highly unlikely, pick the exact same Attributes, Feats, Boons, and Banes, but still be completely different because of the Flavor/Fluff that the players will use to describe what their characters are doing.